Natural Remedies

Mother Nature truly is wonderful. Not only does she provide us a wonderful range of different foods and flavours to tantalise our tastebuds, but also food that can nourish and be used as a natural treatment for many common ailments.

Here at Cream at Sassafras, we have carefully selected only the best organic produce that truly delivers both on taste and efficacy. We are proud to offer these quality organic products which are rich natural remedies and exceptional in taste.

Curcumin: The most powerful, natural anti-inflammatory

Curcumin is the active component of Turmeric. Medical research shows that 90% of all diseases start with some type of inflammation.

Treat arthritic stiffness and pain. Curcumin is most widely known for its assistance with reducing the inflammation associated with arthritis type conditions. It is the inflammation that causes pain and stiffness.

YOUR recommended daily dose is half a flat teaspoon. To hit symptoms hard, people often start with a double dose, for a couple of weeks.

How to take it: Mix curcumin into something thick like honey, a smoothie or mashed up fruit. Alternatively sprinkle onto cooked food but do not cook with Curcumin as heat will destroy its goodness! Pure Curcumin has a neutral taste so it goes well with savoury or sweet foods. Absorption can be enhanced by taking it with black pepper and/or fatty foods.


Horseradish Vinegar: Natural Hay Fever Treatment

Enjoying the spring but not the sniffing? Organic horseradish vinegar is hugely popular as a natural treatment for hay fever.  Quality Horseradish Vinegar contains mustard oil, a natural active ingredient which has been shown to have a potent decongestant effect when taken.  In our store, we have selected a quality Horseradish Vinegar is from reputable Australian producer, AUSTRALIAN HARVEST. The Australian Harvest Horseradish Vinegar helps to clear chest and nose congestion and will warm up the respiratory system to minimise the formation and build up of phlegm. All natural relief from the symptoms of hayfever as well as sinusitis, colds and flu.

Australian Harvest Horseradish Vinegar tastes so good you can take it with a teaspoon three times a day or use it as a base for a delicious salad dressing.

Australian Harvest Horseradish Vinegar is available from Cream at Sassafrass.

Manuka Honey: Anti Bacterial Wonder Food

The healing benefits of Manuka Honey has been known for years and used extensively in indigenous cultures. Manuka Honey, which is distinctively flavoured, darker and richer than other honey, contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Manuka Honey has been found to be effective against a range of bacteria including those that cause stomach ulcers, wound infections and sore throats. It is also an antioxidant which can help increase vitality and immunity. Manuka Honey can be used externally as a balm for skin infections, bites and cuts or taken orally to help soothe the throat and digestive tract.

Here at Cream at Sassafras, we have on offer the pure BEE RAW Manuka Honey from BEECHWORTH HONEY. This gorgeous, rich honey is sourced from the north east of Tasmania and is available from our store.

The Bee Raw Manuka Honey from Beechworth Honey is available in a 350g jar ready to use.